Sunday 31 May 2015


large photo One hundred years ago on May 30, 1915, the first passenger train arrived in Penticton to much fanfare.  This was the first of many trains to run on the Kettle Valley Railway which had a most important hand in developing the interior of British Columbia.  Sadly as we all know the railway did not last forever but there continues an abiding interest in all things KV. 

This image is courtesy  of the Okanagan Archive Trust Society.  Other photos of this auspicious occasion may be viewed on their website at:

Most probably "Passenger Extra 4 East" ran on rails that crossed a fair number of trestles spanning small creeks
large rivers and gorges

 on its way to the Penticton station.

These wooden trestles will be the subject of our next series of posts.  They will cover CPR standards for both pile trestles and frame trestles of the 1940's and 50's.  We will deal with the the appropriate details for the modeler such as the trestle deck, bent construction, bracing, girts and cribbing.  Dave Love kindly allowed us to share these wonderful photos of the Myra Canyon trestles which he took when the rails were still in place.

But for now a celebratory note must be sounded.  Happy Birthday KVR!

Coquihalla Man


  1. On April 21, 1915, rails reached Princeton, connecting track from Midway to Merritt. Two days later, with the installation of the turnout with the existing GN line, the last spike was driven. The month following saw the completion of ballasting, and on May 31, the KVR was formally opened.
    The Coquihalla Line was formally opened on July 31, 1916. The last spike was driven at the east end of Ladner bridge shortly before this date. Does anyone know the date?
    Coquihalla Man, thanks for your many great posts! Happy Anniversary...

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