Friday 7 February 2014


No. 79, engine 4085 has "tipped over" the Coquihalla Summit at Mileage 18.0 and is crossing the bridge at Mileage 21.2.  The dynamic brakes are whining away as the engineman eases the train down the long 2.2% grade to Hope and the western terminus at Ruby Creek.  The engines' days are numbered though as the diesel to steam transition is nearing completion! 

Rene' Gourley made this fine shot many years ago.  A friend, Mike McL, detailed and painted the locomotives and did a very nice job.  The bridge was not built in a few evenings.

The trestle is 38" long and 13 1/2" tall and was built from field measurements of the prototype which in 1984, took my young son and I more than a few hours: "Dad, can we go now?"  "Just a few more measurements, Matthew..."